Do you provide hair transplants for men?

If you would like to know more about hair transplants for men, please ask. We provide a service where we will measure, photograph your hair and will provide you with a quote from our recommended supplier - The Crown Clinic - one of the UK's most successful and renown clinics. 
For more information about the Crown Clinic visit www.crownclinic.co.uk or call 0845 2100 300. 

What is the Little Princess Trust? Can they cover the cost of my child's wig? 

Yes. The Little Princess Trust are a charity and provide real hair wigs for boys and girls who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment. To obtain a wig free of charge for your child, please get in touch with us. We will provide you details of your nearest appointed salon, where your wig will be supplied and fitted free of charge. We will contact the salon to let them know you expect your call. You can then contact them to arrange your appointment, where you can choose the most suitable wig in terms of size, colour and feel. You will not be expected to contribute anything towards the cost of the wig nor the fitting/styling, as wewill invoice the salon directly for the cost of the wig.

For more information visit www.littleprincesses.org.uk or call 01432 760060

Wig colours and codes

Colour codes are used industry wide to indicate the colour or colours from which a wig or hairpiece is made. These colours can vary from style to style.Some reasons for variations are different maker, different factory, different type of fibre, different dye lot and a different wig pattern. 

For the most part a single letter colour code will look very similar across makers/factories/synthetic fibre/dye lots and wig patterns. The only exception will be the colour/texture differences between human hair and any kind of synthetic fibre. Human hair colours tend to be lighter, have less shine and less depth to the colour.

For colour codes which are named or are blends, mixes, highlighted,frosted etc, these may have more colour differences between maker, factory, fibre, dye lot and particularly wig pattern. 

When ordering, you are ordering by colour code. Do not rely on the pictures as we cannot control your monitor settings. What you see may not be exact enough for your needs. If you need to match a particular color, please email us for assistance. We are here to help.


Definitions of colour code abbreviations

•   B -Blended

•   BT - Blended and Tipped

•   BR - Blended and rooted

•   ET - Lighter Bangs, Dark Roots, Darker in Back

•   F - Frosted (uniform streaks-side by side colours) 

•   GR - Gradient ( Darker Roots with Lighter Tips) 

•   H - Highlighted (streaks) 

•   HH - Human Hair

•   HL - Highlighted

•   LF - Lighter Front

•   RH - Rooted and Highlights

•   S - Shaded

•   T - Tipped (mixed on top and tipped at bottom) 

•   Swirl - blend of streaks 

•   Ash - dull

How do I know what size wig I need?

Most wigs come in average size, but if you know you are a petite cap size, we have a category for petite wigs.  We also create bespoke and semi-bespoke wig caps for a perfect fit.

To measure your head, use a fabric tape measure and measure from your front hairline (or where it would be if you have no hair) just above the ears around your head. 

This measurement will probably be between 54cm to 57cm (21-22½ inches). If the measurement is larger than 57cm (22½ inches) you will need a large size.

Can I request my wig is custom made?

Yes.We can cut your ready made wig into your desired style. Call our salon to arrange your appointment.

How do I wash a modacrylic or synthetic hair wig?

Do not use heated tools, tongs or hair dryers to style your wig.

 Wash wigs in tepid/cold water using a small amount of modacrylic shampoo,rinse in tepid/cool water and gently pat dry any excess with a towel before standing on a wig stand or similar overnight. 

Do not brush your wig when it is wet as this will spoil and loosen the fibres
. When the hair is dry you can brush it back into its original shape using a wide tooth comb or brush. 

Hairspray should not be used unless it is specially made for wigs

. Be careful wearing your new hair in areas of extreme heat such as near the oven or a radiator as heat will spoil the wig fibres. 

If you would like to change the shape of your hair piece, you can do this be setting the fibres on rollers when wet and leaving the hair to dry overnight. 
Hairdryers and tongs must not be used 

How do I wash a human hair wig?

Heated rollers, hair dryers and straightening irons can be used, but should be used with caution. Heat settings should be cool or low as excessive heat will dry the hair and cause colours to fade. 

Wash the wig on a polystyrene block, using cool water, stroking the shampoo from root to tip. Do not rub the hair, rubbing can cause hair to tangle and knots to loosen. Use moisturising and colour protecting shampoos and conditioners to look after your wig. 

We recommend leaving the hair to dry naturally only styling the hair from damp. When blow drying your wig use minimal tension to protect the roots. This will help prolong the life of your wig. 

Human hair styling products can be used, water based products are preferable as they will wash out easier than heavy washes 

Is it true I can get the cost of my child’s wig paid for through a charity?

We are an appointed salon to The Little Princess Trust, who cover the cost of real hair wigs for any children that have lost their own hair through cancer or a medical condition. Visit www.littleprincesses.org.uk for more detail on how to get your child’s wig free of charge.

What are the differences in cap construction type?


Monofilament caps offer a very natural look with parting versatility. The mesh material gives the illusion of hair growth from the scalp and allows for individual, hand-tied hair. As a result, hair can be parted and combed in different directions. Monofilament wigs can be monofilament at the part, crown or entire top of wig. Double monofilament wigs also happen to be a good option for sensitive scalps as the cap is soft. Of the monofilament caps, the 100% hand tied cap is generally the most comfortable.

Lace front

Lace front wigs create the illusion of natural hair growth along the hairline. This adds to the natural appearance of a wig and allows for styling away from the face. Some come pre-trimmed and are ready to wear while others will require some personalisation.


BasicWeft caps are the most common and affordable design. Wefts of hair are sewn onto the cap, which has a closed lace layer at the crown. The hair is cut and styled into a specific style and the crown is often teased or crimped so you cannot see down through to the cap.This type of cap often gives the hair volume at the crown. Some wigs are referred to as capless. This is a bit of a misnomer as there is a cap, but instead of the closed lace layer at the crown, it has vertical lace strips with open spaces between the wefts.

100% Hand-tied

100% hand-tied monofilament caps allow each hair to move freely for the most natural look. Other designs referred to as 'hand-tied' feature a combination of hand-tied and machine-attached hair. This means that some areas (generally the part or crown) are hand-tied, but the rest is machine-attached. If you want the entire cap to be hand-tied, make sure to look for 100% hand tied!

What is the difference between human hair and modacrylic or synthetic hair wigs?

Human hair is more versatile. It can be heat styled and coloured, custom styled and has longer durability. Remy hair is premium quality. This has been cut from a human head of hair, as opposed to residual hair that has fallen, or Synthetic or modacrylic wigs are easy to maintain, wash and wear. The are a less expensive option than human hair, are pre-styled to a set style, which cannot really be changed. 

However, it has limitations not found in real hair that range from heating and styling to texture matching. Choosing between a human hair wig and a synthetic hair is more of personal preference .For example, a  person looking for a wig they plan on wearing everyday and that they can heat-style themselves would choose a human hair wig whereas a person looking for a wig that is easy to maintain and less expensive would choose a synthetic hair.